Where to stay in EL Gouna?


In El Gouna you will find 14 Hotels, from the big resorts to the small family hotels.

El Gouna has two centers. In the Abu Tig Marina and New Marina you can find a big variety of restaurants and bars. From the Burger place, the Vietnamesse until some nice steak houses. The are also several places to go to have a good night drink or even to make some nice party.

The other center is called Downtown. There you will find a big square called “Tammer Henna” which expresses a more typical Egyptian flair, whith nice terraces where you can enjoy dinner and a good Egyptian Shisha. If you walk around, you will find a beautiful flea market, where you can buy handmade souvenirs.

We recommend the Mosaique and Fanadir Hotel, as the are just a 5 minutes walk from the center of the marina, and is also, one of the closest hotels to our ELEMENT Watersports Center.