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The ELEMENT Watersports spot is located in one-of-a-kind spot and is probably one of the best locations worldwide to kitesurf and windsurf, ideal for beginners and for advanced riders.

Our shallow and flat water lagoon is almost 5km² wide, making it the biggest spot in El Gouna and one of the biggest in Egypt. The turquoise blue water and the sandy beach with combination of constant and steady winds, make our spot to the perfect destination for learning and training kitesurfing and windsurfing.

        • Biggest shallow flat water Lagoon in El Gouna with a lot of water during low tide
        • Almost no stones and no riff! The lagoon is 99% sand!
        • Consistent and steady wind, as we don’t have any obstacles upwind from us that make the wind gusty
        • The wind statistics show us that we have over 70% windy days in a year, with more than 4-Beaufort
        • Warm temperatures starting from 25°C
        • We can also ride without a neoprene more than 6 months a year


As we already said, El Gouna has plenty of wind all year round. This is caused thanks to the trade winds which are close the equator.

The wind is usually side-shore  and comes from the north.  During the early morning the direction is North-Northwest and blows in this direction until 10.00-11.00. The wind direction turns to north around midday and turns back to N-NW at the evening.

In the morning the wind is lightly stronger than in the midday, which makes it perfect to enjoy a small break and eat something to get back in shape.

In the winter time, there are more days with stronger winds, which can get over 25 knots. In the summer its getting a bit lighter but blows constantly.


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